Why share book reviews? I have so many reasons to do so.

First, at our February 19th 2016 professional day, Faye Brownlie talked to us about literacy activities that should be happening in every classroom, for every child, every day and sometimes, every week.

Every child, every day should be read aloud to. Since the classroom is the environment we control, we cannot just hope this happens at home, we need to do this at school. I need to read aloud every day. This can and should include both fiction and non-fiction.

Book Talks are a powerful way to promote new titles that readers might not have considered before. In 3 – 4 minutes, one can promote 3 books. Every child, every day should be reading books of his or her choosing. Book Talks can expand the repertoire of books chosen.

If I do the Math, that means I will be reading aloud about 195 books in a school year. And if I do Book Talks of only three books, once a week, that is 120 titles per year. If I do Book Talks twice a week, that is 240 titles per year.