I am very excited because Diefenbaker School is undertaking an Outdoor Classroom project. We are technically in the early stages because we are waiting for the work order to be filled which would see the sod removed from the South side of the school and mulch set down. This will be the initial preparation for adding more garden beds, a shade structure and other spaces for teaching and learning. We have spent the better part of this year reflecting on how such an outdoor space could be used and imagining what it might look like.

Our school has applied for a BCAA grant to help improve our Outdoor Learning Spaces. Here is the link to the video my students made: Our Story. Once you click there, you need to search for Diefenbaker School in Richmond, BC. If we become finalists on Victoria Day (May 22nd), please vote for us daily until the closing of the contest!

We are taking small steps daily to work toward our goal. Today, we counted how many seeds had germinated in our cover crops experiment. One hypothesis we are testing is that we can transform compacted, clay soil into healthy soil by planting cover crops. Our first experiment failed, but we have changed our procedure and hope to have better success this second time around.

Stay tuned for more Outdoor Classroom blog posts in the weeks and months to come.